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 Add Tires to Inventory Adding Tires to Inventory is Easy

  • Adding Tires to Inventory is Easy
  • Click "What Size?" drop down; Select Sidewall Size (ex. 215)
  • Click "Sidewall?" drop down; Select Sidewall Size (ex. 65)
  • Click "What Rim?" drop down; Select Sidewall Size (ex. 16)
  • Click "Brand" drop down; Select Sidewall Size (ex. Goodyear)
  • Enter Inventory Location of Choice. Use discretion when selecting location. The Shop
  • Enter Tire price before any discounts
  • Click "Add Tire" button

 Searching Inventory (Staff) Search more than 1 tire type easily (ex. 225 or 235)

  • Searching Inventory Everyday multiplesize_searchstaff
  • Are you helping more than 1 customer at a time? Search for multiple size tires
  • Just type in "185/85/18 225/75/17" and search on 2 different sizes
  • Will display each tire found & also a total of # of tires searched
  • Also displays inventory location & price

 Search Inventory (Customers) Website Searching!

  • Let your customers choose you first
  • Customers Search & View Inventory
  • Customers Can Search by tire size Use the "/" as standard break
  • Enter 1+ tire sizes and separate by at least 1 space
  • Click "Find Tire" Button at right
  • That's it. All tires will appear below for convenient selection

 Add Customer New Customer

  • Add Customer
  • Enter basic info about Customers
    • First and Last Name
    • Mobile Phone
    • Phone
    • Address
    • Address Line 2 (as necessary)
    • City, ST (2 Letter Abbreviation) & Zip Code
    • Email Address
    • Optional: Website, Fax
    • Required: Vehicle Year, Vehicle Make & Model
  • Add all Information with * (Required)
  • Click "Add Customer"

 Edit Customer Change Customer Info including Vehicle

  • Editing Customers
  • Make and Changes to Required fields
  • Make changes to other fields
  • Update & change the Customer's Vehicle
  • Click "Edit Vendor/Contractor"

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